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What is a Christian?

A person who lives his/her life basic on the life that Jesus the Christ lived.

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Who can be saved?

All who have put their trust in Jesus before they die and excepts God’s plan of salvation according to John 3:16 in the Holy Bible

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Can you hide anything from God?

No, because he knows all things

“If someone knows its going to rain outside, tells you and you don’t prepare don’t blame the messenger if you get wet”.

How can one be sure of salvation?

By first confusing to God in Jesus name you are a sinner and in need of his saving.

Then ask from him (God the Father) forgiveness of all your sins and stop doing what is wrong in his site.

Ask him for that (forgiveness in Jesus name) and forgive all who wronged you ask God to come into your heart and live in you.

If you can’t forgive others how can God forgive you?

Believe and confess him to others (men and women). Read the Bible, attend church and trust and obey God and you will be saved.

Read John 3:16 and Romans 10:9 for starters. Then start a regular Bible study.

Peace in the name of the Lord Jesus